Another Vsekokhudozhnik Upright Specimen Emerges

Another example of a Vsekokhudozhnik Upright recently sold on EBay.UK, collector Vikhram Ravi reports. The specimen was of the rarer 3.75” king variety, and was complete with its original box, Artel stamps, and a retail label. Here are the photos posted by the seller, bovkey109.

The Vsekokhudozhnik stamp, Chess No. 4, likely denoting the size of the set. The significance of this artel is discussed here.

According to St. Petersburg collector and researcher Sergey Kovalenko, the colorful label affixed to the inside of the box is from Дом ленинградской кооперации” (The House of Leningrad Cooperation), the largest department store in Leningrad from 1927 to 1935.

The site of the Leningrad House of Cooperation, as it appeared in the 1910s. Public domain photo.

The pieces and finials are nicely turned and shaped. The finish is worn.

Off-center and missing finials are not uncommon in vintage Soviet sets.

The woven “felts” appear to be in very good condition.

Many thanks to Vik and Sergey for their contributions to our growing understanding of Soviet chess sets.

Author: Chuck Grau

I'm a chess collector, chess player, and retired attorney. I've been collecting Soviet and Russian chess sets since 2014. I'm interested in their history, design, and the people who made and played with them.

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