Holiday Eye Candy–A Gallery of “Baku” Sets of Artel Drevprom

To follow up on our recent article on Artel Drevprom’s “Baku” set, here are images of Baku sets that have been posted in the Facebook Group Shakhmatnyye Kollektsionery by its members, together with a few photos of the set appearing in the historical record.

Lokahi Antonio Collection, photo

Keres and Petrosian, Tallinn 1964

Anatoly Karpov, photographer unknown

John Moyes Collection, photo
Source: Sergey Kovalenko, photographer unknown
Nick Rizzuto Collection, photo
Gurgenidze and Tal, Baku 1961, photographer unknown

Author: Chuck Grau

I'm a chess collector, chess player, and retired attorney. I've been collecting Soviet and Russian chess sets since 2014. I'm interested in their history, design, and the people who made and played with them.

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